Everyone wants to be your partner when things are sunny. We're here to stand with you all the time.

After all, a service partner should be there when you need them.

That's what we're known for at the JDIS Group. We solve problems and support clients in MRI, CT and PET-CT imaging.

Since 1995, we've built a world-wide clientele for sales, service, parts and support. But the most important client we have is the one who's in need right now.

We're in this together. Let's talk.

Execution, not price, is what really matters. The JDIS Group leverages our deep understanding of the equipment market and our decades of experience in getting projects to actually work as intended. When we work for you, we work with you as well.

We started as a Siemens MRI company 20 years ago, but over time we've expanded into CT, Molecular Imaging, and X-Ray. All projects are run with the same principles — the only thing that matters is everything. We sweat the details in advance, where problems anticipated are much less costly to rectify, and we partner with the best talents in the industry to ensure each project comes in on time and on budget.

Our client list is full of accounts we've worked with for a decade or more. We're not interested in doing a deal with you. We're wanting to build a relationship where we can grow together. Click here to see a partial list of our clients — you can check our credentials and ensure that we're a company looking for long-term relationships.

State-of-the-art financial and inventory analysis, a deep level of market fundamentals, and a decades-long reputation for making not just machines, but relationships work. Most of our business is repeat customers or referrals.

The JDIS Group welcomes investors to participate in projects ranging from turn-key equipment sales to long-term inventory investments.

Our investor platform is uniquely flexible, easy to understand, and completely transparent. You always know how the project is performing and what benefit you can expect. For more information, click here.

More than 70 years of in-house experience in medical imaging equipment sales, service and support. World-wide connections and relationships in every aspect of the business. All made available for one purpose — to get things done on behalf of our clients and partners.

Location: 1516 Kimberly Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831 USA
Phones: 800.974.9729 or +1.828.333.7700

Burke Whitney, Managing Partner: burke@jdis.com
Clark Wilkins, Managing Partner: clark@jdis.com
Jozef Pelikan, Sales and Logistics: jozef@jdis.com
Bach Nguyen, Repairs and Logistics: bach@jdis.com
General sales: sales@jdis.com or parts@jdis.com

Any questions, concerns, ideas, or willingness to work with us? Please get in touch today. Thanks for visiting our site, and please give us the opportunity to earn your business.

/s Burke Whitney and Clark Wilkins, managing partners